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Rockstar HITEMP Plates falls under a special category of plates. This particular material was developed in the 70’s and is very much wear resistant even under heavy mechanical loads. The plates are very highly cost effective against wear and tear. DMFPL is a leading supplier and Distributor of these plates in various shapes, sizes and standards. The Rockstar HiTemp Sheet is quenched and tempered to get the hardness. This is just the opposite of the traditional steel material. The traditional steel types lose hardness as they are tempered. The plates can range in thickness from 5mm to 51mm.

There are different specifications such as the EN10029 and the EN 10163-2 to manage the dimensions of the plates. The width of the Rockstar wear plates can range up to 3350mm and the length can range up to 14630mm. The hardness of the materials range from 375 -425 in the HBW hardness scale. The yield strengths go up to 1100MPa. The chemical composition of the material includes carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, nickel, molybdenum and boron. This composition also makes the Rockstar HiTemp high-temperature steel sheet applicable under elevated temperatures and high wear and tear conditions such as jet engine parts and turbines. Please feel free to contact us for any information on the Rockstar HiTemp Sheet or plate materials and their prices.

Rockstar HiTemp Wear Plates Mechanical Characteristics

Thickness Typical yield strength Hardness HBW
5.0 - 51.0 1100 350 - 400

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Rockstar HiTemp Sheet Composition Standard

P C Cr Si Ni Mn Mo S B
0.025 0.25 1.40 0.70 1.50 1.60 0.5 0.010 0.004

Rockstar HiTemp Plates Tolerances

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  • Thickness : Tolerances according to Rockstar Thickness guarantees. Rockstar guarantees meets the requirements of EN 10 029 Class A but offers more narrow tolerances. Tolerances according to Rockstar Thickness guarantees. Rockstar guarantees meet the requirements of EN 10 029 Class A.
  • Length and width : According to dimension program. Tolerances according to mill edge standards or tolerances that conform to EN 10 029.
  • Shape : Tolerances according to EN 10 029.
  • Flatness : Tolerances according to Rockstar Flatness guarantees Class D, which are more restrictive than EN 10 029 Class N.
  • Bending : Tolerances are according to Rockstar Bending guarantees Class E.

List Of Rockstar HiTemp Plates Types

Rockstar HiTemp Wear Plates Rockstar HiTemp Wear Plates
HiTemp Sheet HiTemp Sheet
Rockstar Wear Plates Rockstar Wear Plates
HiTemp Plates HiTemp Plates
High-Strength Wear Steel Plates High-Strength Wear Steel Plates
Rockstar HiTemp high-temperature Steel Sheet Rockstar HiTemp high-temperature Steel Sheet
Rockstar HiTemp Plates Rockstar HiTemp Plates
Rockstar HiTemp Sheet Rockstar HiTemp Sheet
Rockstar High Temp Plates Rockstar High Temp Plates

Rockstar High Temp Plates Impact Properties

Chemical And Mechanical Composition Of Rockstar HiTemp Plates, Rockstar High Temp Plates Distributor In India, Check Our Global Sales Network For Rockstar HiTemp Sheet.
Grade Longitudinal test, typical impact energy, Charpy V 10x10 mm test specimen. 1)
Rockstar HiTemp 60 J/ -40 oC

Equivalent Grades Of Rockstar Wear Plates

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4.7 - 51.0
Typ CET(CEV) 0.40 (0.59)
Max CET(CEV) 0.47 (0.70)

High-Strength Wear Steel Plates Temperature Limit

Product Temperature Range
HiTemp Wear Plate 300-500°C

Rockstar HiTemp Sheet Laser Cutting

Cutting method Kerf width HAZ Dim. tolerances
Laser cutting < 1 mm 0.2-2 mm ± 0.2 mm

HiTemp Plate Plasma Cutting

Cutting method Kerf width HAZ Dim. tolerances
Plasma cutting 2-6.5 mm 2-5 mm ± 1.0 mm

Rockstar High Temp Plates Thickness

Grade Plate thickness Minimum preheating temp. (°C) Maximum preheating temp. (°C)
Rockstar HiTemp 5 – 51 mm No preheating 500
Max plate thickness Rockstar HiTemp
12 mm no restriction
15 mm no restriction
20 mm no restriction
25 mm no restriction
30 mm no restriction
35 mm no restriction
40 mm no restriction
45 mm no restriction
50 mm no restriction
60 mm  
70 mm  
80 mm  
>80 mm  

HiTemp high-temperature Steel Sheet Welding Method

Welding method AWS classification EN classification
MAG/ GMAW, solid wire AWS A5.28 ER70X-X EN ISO 14341-A- G 38x
  AWS A5.28 ER80X-X EN ISO 14341-A- G 42x
MAG/ MCAW, metal cored wire AWS A5.28 E7XC-X EN ISO 17632-A- T 42xH5
  AWS A5.28 E8XC-X EN ISO 17632-A- T 46xH5
MAG/ FCAW, flux cored wire AWS A5.29 E7XT-X EN ISO 17632 -A- T 42xH5
  AWS A5.29 E8XT-X EN ISO 17632 -A- T 46xH5
MMA (SMAW, stick) AWS A5.5 E70X EN ISO 2560-A- E 42xH5
  AWS A5.5 E80X EN ISO 2560-A- E 46xH5
SAW AWS A5.23 F49X EN ISO 14171-A- S 42x
  AWS A5.23 F55X EN ISO 14171-A- S 46x
TIG/ GTAW AWS A5.18 ER70X EN ISO 636-A- W 42x
  AWS A5.28 ER80X EN ISO 636-A- W 46x

High-Temperature Steel Sheet Sizes

1/8" 3/8" 3/4" 1-1/2" 3"
3/16" 1/2" 1" 2" 4"
1/4" 5/8" 1-1/4" 2-1/2"  
*1/8" thick plate is available in one size only 60"x 120".
   The 3/6" thick plate is available only as 48" x 144"
   and 96 " x 144".

HiTemp Plates Widths and Lengths

4 milimeter
5 milimeter
6 milimeter
6 milimeter
8 milimeter
8 milimeter
10 milimeter
12 milimeter
15 milimeter
16 milimeter
20 milimeter
25 milimeter
32 milimeter
40 milimeter
50 milimeter
60 milimeter